download music without drum - rock, blues, jazz, funk, and metal drum play along songs

over 500 drumless tracks
Want tons of fun practicing drums? Wouldn't it be awesome to play along with a drum play along? has over FIVE HUNDRED drum play along songs that give you the opportunity play as if you and the band are playing up on stage.
The drum parts are eliminated from each track giving you complete control to construct whatever drum lines, patterns, and fills you can imagine.

Drummer backing tracks are good for taking all of your theory and putting it into practice Another idea is to take your practice drills and try them while jamming with the drumless jam track has nearly 200 covers with the drum parts removed so that you can jam with your favorite bands and songs. As if that isn't enough, there are another 300 or so original songs without drums where you are welcome to compose all of the drumming for the song.

It can be difficult to play along with a CD or DVD that contains drums because the drums keep getting in the way. It is far easier to download a drum play along MP3 from You don't have to waste money buying a drumless CD or DVD that has tracks without drums on it that you don't really feel like playing with. Instead, you can download drum play alongs directly from and download only the tracks without drums that you feel like playing with.
If you are looking for free drum play along songs you can find several at That gives you a chance to test drive some tracks to get a feel for just how amazing playing along with drummer play along songs can be.


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